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Add or Decrease Users/Licenses

To Add/Remove Users to Existing Opero Documents Subscription: 

  1. Login to AppExchange and click your name/photo icon in the top right, then “My Installs & Subscriptions.”
  2. Find Opero Documents app. Click drop down arrow to right of app subscription and click “manage subscription.”
  3. When in the app subscription details, click “Edit” button on bottom right of the screen.
  4. Then you will see current billing details and number of users. You can then modify and change to the new amount of users you would like to add. If you want to add more users, you would change user amount on existing subscription to total number of new users. For example, if you had 1 user and now want 3 more users, you would change the 1 to 4 total users. Or if you had 5 users and want to remove 1 user, you would change it to 4 total users.
  5. Click to save subscription with new amount of users.
  6. To assign or remove licenses purchased to your Salesforce Users, go to your Salesforce, then to Setup, and Installed Packages.
  7. Click “Manage Licenses” link next to the Opero Documents package.
  8. Add and remove users to the app to manage the licenses available.
  9. You can always return to AppExchange area to buy more licenses or less licenses.