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Related List / Child fields not merging in document

Related List field not merging on my generated document: 
I am trying to merge a child object field and when generating document, the incorrect value or no value is shown and I do not receive an error message. What am I doing wrong?

Support Reply: 

  1. First make sure that this related list field is merged inside of table and only merging related list fields from one level deep of child object relationship. If you are trying to merge fields from two different child objects, please review this article.
  2. Then be sure there is a value to merge on the Salesforce record that you generate document from (if it is showing blank on your document and not the merge field code).
  3. If there is a value to merge on record and it is showing the actual merge field from your template, then second thing to check is making sure you are merging the correct field with correct API name from template builder. Meaning, you may find the same display name for different fields so there is chance you are merging the wrong field from template builder. To find the correct field to merge, here are a few ways to troubleshoot:
    • From page layout on object record you would generate document from, find the related field you are looking to merge into template. Hover over the name of the field and find the API name. Once you have the API name (which will always be unique to every Salesforce field), then make sure the API name matches the merge field code when selecting desired field in template builder.
    • Another way to find the API name of the field is to go to Setup for your base object and find the API name of related field.
    • You can rename the field you are looking to merge so you know it is the correct one in template builder to select.
    • You can also merge all fields into template that you think may be the right field to merge (place a #1, #2, #3 next to the start of each field) and then once you generate document you can see which field was the correct one and then remove the others.