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Create URL Field in Document Action

Steps to create URL field to save a Google Doc URL on base object record (using Opportunity as base object for this example):

  1. Go to Setup>Object Manager>Opportunity.
  2. Create New Custom field.
    1. Field type is URL (Label field Opportunity Doc URL or something unique)
  3. Click through steps to save new field and then copy API name – in format like “Opportunity_Doc_URL__c”.
  4. Go to the Document Action and paste this API name (without quotation or merge field brackets around it) into the field labeled “Save URL to Salesforce Field.”
  5. Now go to an Opportunity record to click custom button to merge document.
  6. After document is generated, the URL field will be populated on record.
  7. Click URL link to edit document from Opportunity record which will display in new window. When the document is ready, you can then download the document as a PDF and attach it to the record.

Additional Options: If you want to email a link to your Google Doc for PDF download, you can review this article.

Note on Feature Limitations:

  • This feature cannot be used with document action feature to “auto delete google doc after merge” as you need to keep the URL in order to access it.
  • This feature can only work if 1) User generates document manually or 2) User generates document using automation.
  • Using Apex method to generate document will not update field defined in rsdoc__Save_in_Field__c. This will need to be done manually in the Apex code.