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Document Generation Limits

  1. By default with 1-10 user licenses you are allowed to generate up to 10,000 documents for the entire org per month.
  2. In order to increase beyond the 10,000 document monthly limit, you will need to purchase more user licenses and also contact support to request to increase the limit.
  3. With each user license you are entitled 1,000 additional documents per month that can be used org wide.
  4. To get more than 10,000 documents per month you must subscribe to more than 10 user licenses. For example, if you need to generate 150,000 documents per month for the org you will need to purchase 150 user licenses. Another example is if you need only 5 user licenses but need 15,000 documents per month you need to purchase 15 user licenses.
  5. After purchasing additional user licenses in order to increase your document limit, you can either assign the licenses or leave them unassigned in the org.