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Error: 307 – Temporary Redirect

If you see an error message referring to error 307 and a temporary redirect when trying to generate a document from one of your document actions/templates, this is a new google error as they recently changed their API. We have created a new package version with this update so please follow steps below to resolve and get your package updated. We apologize for any disruption in your business processes due to this error. 

Steps to resolve:

  1. See what app package version you currently have installed for Opero Documents. Can go to Setup > Installed Packages >follow steps listed below based on your package version:
    1. If you have package version 1.975 or earlier installed, you will need follow the steps outlined in this article.
    2. If you already have any package version 1.976 or later installed, then you can install the latest package from AppExchange to resolve 307 error.