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Error: 404: File Not Found

Full Error Message:
Error message: Error: 404. Error description: { “error”: { “errors”: [ { “domain”: “global”, “reason”: “notFound”, “message”: “File not found: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”, “locationType”: “other”, “location”: “file” } ], “code”: 404, “message”: “File not found: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” } }

This error can happen when generating a document and you may not have the proper security or sharing settings on your google doc template or storage folder.

How to Resolve:

  • Check that you have the proper format for Google Doc ID in document action (Should only contain numbers and letters, make sure you do not have the “/edit” at the end).
  • Check your sharing settings in Google Docs template and make sure not set to “private.” See this Google Docs article for more detail on choosing your sharing settings though most popular setting is “anyone with the link” under “Advanced” sharing settings.
    • NOTE: If you do not see this Google Doc sharing setting “anyone with the link” under your Advanced sharing settings, then you have some strict company drive settings and you will need to have the Super Admin modify them or use a different Google Drive account for app, you can refer to this article for more detail.
  • If you are merging to a Google Drive folder (meaning you put Folder ID in document action), you need to make sure the sharing settings are modified on the folder as well. You need to have edit access to the folder in use or be owner of the folder if you would like to generate documents there.
  • If the File not found is a Folder Id from the Document Action, this might be caused by Google updating the Security on this old folder and adding a resource key to the URL. Create a New Folder in Google Drive. Share the folder with the same users or Company as the previous old Folder. Update the Document Action with the new Folder Id. 
  • If you modified the visibility setting to “Company” and then you get an error message that displays in document action, this may be caused if you have not yet set up a Google Apps For Work Account.
  • Check that your google doc is stored on the same Google Drive that you authorized under Opero Documents Configuration tab and that your user is the “owner” of this document or has access to it.
  • It is possible that you are using another app functionality with Opero Documents and a record may have been deleted which would cause error message. Test process again to make sure record not deleted and see if error persists.
  • If you need more information on google drive or doc sharing settings, you can this article. If checked all above steps and still unable to resolve, please contact support for more assistance and let them know what you tried, providing screenshots when possible.