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Error calling merge service: Action not allowed

Example Error Message: “Error while creating new document. Error message: Error calling merge service. Error: Error Exception: Action not allowed \ tat MergeValuesService (Opero Documents v3.04)19 (mergeValues)\n\tat RouterService (Opero Documents v3.04):8 (doGet)\n”

See possible causes and steps to resolve below.

  1. If you have some hidden formatting in your google doc template and the merge cannot be completed. This can happen if you uploaded your word document directly into google doc rather than starting with a fresh google doc. To resolve, create a new google doc and then copy/paste the detail from the other google doc that was causing error message. That way there will be no hidden formatting that would cause the merge service error message. You could even test with having a blank google doc first (just put title of document) and then generate document. If no errors, then you know it was some hidden formatting in the other doc that was causing error and you need to start with new google doc (do not copy the existing one that is causing error message).
  2. If you upgraded your package version and there is a change in the user who authorized google drive which may be a different user than who is the “owner” of the google drive folder that has been authorized. Suggested steps:
    1. If the owner is a prior consultant that assisted you in setting up process, ask the owner of the Google Drive to go to the DocGen Configuration tab to reauthorize the app and their Google Drive.
    2. Alternatively, you can copy and move to your Google Drive all Google Docs being used as templates. Once that is done, update all the Google Doc Ids in the document actions to the new Google Doc Ids. You will also need to go to the DocGen Configuration tab and authorize the app/grant access to your Google Drive.