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Error Message: Export only supports Docs Editors files

Full Error Message:
Error while creating new document. Error message: Error: 400. Error description: { “error”: { “errors”: [ { “domain”: “global”, “reason”: “badRequest”, “message”: “Export only supports Docs Editors files.” } ], “code”: 400, “message”: “Export only supports Docs Editors files.” } }


This error message means that the template Id that you specified is not a Google Doc. All templates and the Id of the Google Doc must be a Google Doc.

Usually this happens when a user opens Google Drive, clicks New>File Upload, and uploads a Word file. Then they click to open that Word file that has been uploaded to Google Docs (it shows a blue “.DOCX” tag next to the filename at the top). Although it is possible to open and edit the file in Google Docs, it is still a Word file.

To solve, you need to open the Word file in Google Docs, then go to File>Save as Google Doc. This will create a separate Google Doc file. We suggest you then delete the other word file uploaded to Google Docs to avoid confusion between the two. And then copy the new Google Doc Id to use as your template instead of the Word version.

Refer to Basic Configuration and Template Configuration articles for more detailed instructions on setting up templates.