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Generate documents for multiple records at once

If you would like to create a process to generate documents from multiple individual base object records at once, here are some options depending on what works best for your use case:

  1. Create a button that can be used to check multiple records and generate documents for all of them. This would require creating a custom button that would call a Visualforce/Apex page that would then trigger the document merge function.
  2. Another option would be to configure a Salesforce automation tool to automatically generate the documents when a field is updated to a specific value. This would allow you to update multiple records from a list view, which would then trigger the automation. See our automation article for more information.
  3. Also consider creating a formula field that contains a link like “X List” that can be clicked to go to the Document Action URL instead of using a button. Then you can put this formula field as a column on your List View. This would allow you to go through the list and click the link for each record in the List View without having to click into the record first. For more detail on mass generation of documents based on Object List View & Import of .csv file, you can review this article.