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PDF File Size Increased

If you are exporting documents to PDF you may have noticed the PDF file size suddenly increased by a lot. Even with no changes to your template or content. This is happening when you are merging images in the template.

This is a known issue on Google that has been reported by many google users. You can see some forums and posts with some potential ideas here and here.

Opero Documents uses Google Docs to manage templates. Our app creates a copy of the google doc that is defined as your template, then it edits the new document and merges all the text and images as defined in the template. When a PDF is desired we then get an export of the PDF from the Google Doc. For some reason Google changed their export to PDF code that is increasing the file size. We have contacted Google support as well about this issue and there is no solution so far. Google may resolve this.

Here are some potential work arounds:

  1. Try to update the template to see if anything helps. Compress images, start a fresh new template, change font. We can’t confirm what exactly can help but have heard of some users having success.
  2. Configure the document action to generate a google doc only instead of a PDF and save the google doc url to a field and send a link to the google doc that downloads a pdf version of it. Check this article how to do that.
  3. You can also always send the view link to the google doc to your customer if you set the google doc permissions to view or comment for anyone with the link.
  4. Also around saving the google doc url to a field, then you can click on it and download PDF from the Google Doc.
  5. You may also export to Word if that would be helpful.