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Updating status field after email is actually sent

 I’m using the feature that sets a status once the email is sent. However, the status is sent when the document is generated, which means the status is sent even when the email is not sent, because one uses the “manual” mode, to check the generated document before sending, then cancel, modifies the record, tries again, etc. Is it possible to have the status change only when the email is actually sent?

Opero Documents includes a feature to update a field after the action is completed is processed when the document action is processed. The challenge is that we generate the document and then compose the email and put it in preview mode so you can see the email. At this point, Opero Documents is no longer processing anything since its been redirected to the standard send email page in Salesforce. Salesforce sends that email when done through their interface. So the automation has to happen after the email record is created. We would need to associate the email record created later with the document action. If you could auto send the email that solves it but only if you don’t need to modify the email body.

You could set up a Flow or Apex trigger on the email/task object to update the status when email is actually sent. This means not using our field update feature in document action but building your own update using Salesforce configuration.