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Using Chrome Browser for Document Download

  1. Check your pop-up settings in Chrome Browser. You will need to allow Pop Ups from Salesforce and/or Opero Documents domain. If you are using the download feature with Chrome browser and being asked to re-authorize the app with google drive when generating a document, you can modify google drive settings in the document action to set document visibility to company or public so other users can download it.
  2. Google Chrome has reported some blocking of Mixed Content Downloads. See this article for more information:
  3. To avoid mixed content, broken images, or failed downloads, you can do the following:
    • Choose not to upgrade Chrome.
    • Use an alternate browser that allows mixed content.
    • Roll back to a previous version of Google Chrome.
    • Enable the Google Chrome mixed content flag. To enable the Google Chrome mixed content flag within Chrome, click the padlock icon in the URL bar → Click Site Settings → Find the Insecure Content dropdown. Then use the dropdown list to change Block (default) to Allow. Note that Google hasn’t announced how long this functionality remains available.