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Troubleshoot an error message you see when generating document

When you get an error message, it usually refers to a specific field in your template or general issue which helps you troubleshoot and you can search for the related error in our KB using the search finder: If you get an error message and not sure where it is coming from, it helps to clone the document action/google doc template and paste one field at a time, then test generating document until you can find which field(s) are causing the error message.

If you cannot figure out why you getting an error message or where it is coming from, here are some troubleshooting steps:

If you are merging a child object or related list item, you need to make sure field is merged inside a table so the rows repeat themselves. Review Template Configuration article for more detail if needed. If you already did this and are not sure why you are getting an error message and/or where it is coming from within your template, here are some helpful steps:

  1. It is best to find out which merge field is causing the error message and then you can better figure out how to resolve it.
  2. The best way to troubleshoot is by creating a blank new google doc (do not clone the other template), give it a simple non merge field title and update sharing settings. Make sure to use the same google doc sharing settings, same google drive, and same Salesforce user when testing with this new template.  Then with this new blank google doc, replace this ID in document action and then test document generation to make sure no error message.
  3. Then copy/paste one section at a time into your new template from the old template. After adding each section, test document generation to see if error happens or not. Once you get error message and know from which section or table, then you can try to isolate which error message out of that section is causing it.
  4. If you complete copying section by section of new template and you did not get an error message then there may have been some hidden formatting in that old template (this can happen if you upload google doc template from an existing word doc) and it should now be resolved.