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Error Message: “Unable to login to your organization”

Error Message may display as:
“Error: Unable to login to your organization”
“Error: Cannot login to your organization”
“Error: Can’t Access Org”
“Fax App could not update your Salesforce Org”
Or if you are unable to Grant Access and get a blank screen.

You may see this error message when trying to click the “Grant Access” button under Opero Fax Configuration tab to authorize the app. This error may be caused by one of the following reasons:

  1. Recent Sandbox refresh. This changes the org Id and therefore could cause one of the above errors. You will need to contact support with error details and provide new Sandbox org Id to move the activation & fax number. Or inform Support that you no longer require a Sandbox org to be active and would like to cancel the additional fax line subscription as well as release Sandbox org fax line.
  2.  Using Salesforce Professional Edition and do not have API enabled, which is a requirement to use Opero Fax. In this case, you can submit a request to Salesforce support to request for the API to be enabled and/or convert instance org to UE from PE. Or you can use any other Salesforce edition that already has API enabled out of the box.
  3. If you have API enabled and API calls available and error continues, you may have some strict IP settings and need to modify them:
    • Go to Setup > Security Controls > Session Settings and UNCHECK following boxes:
      1) “Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated” (under Session Settings Section) and also uncheck the box
      2) “Enable Stricter Content Security Policy” (under Content Security Policy Prevention section).
    • Session Settings must enable connection.
    • API Enabled must be enabled on Profile
    • If you are restricting Login IP Ranges must allow connection of Azure app.
      • IP: