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Fax Error: “Ringing timed out (no answer)”

Fax Error:
“Ringing timed out (no answer)”

Support Reply:
You may see this error on the reason for “detailed fax status” when a sent fax is “not delivered.” This error could happen for following reasons:

  1. Primary reason this error would happen is because the fax recipient you are trying to fax too did not pick up the fax call within 3 rings. Or their fax machine may by off.
  2. Another reason it could return this error is if the fax recipient has a “single fax line” which only allows them to receive one fax at a time to their fax number. If that is the case, the Opero Fax will will retry the fax and it may go through at a later time when the fax line is not busy trying to receive another fax and then the fax status will change to “delivered.” Make sure you have field “number of retries” on your send fax page layout.
  3. Another reason it could happen is if  you are trying to send a very large fax file with several pages or many images within the fax document that is causing it to time out.
  4. Last reason could be the chance that fax recipient is blocking the caller ID of your fax number and/or the caller ID of eFax developer site (16193301897). See if this error happens consistently with the same person you are sending the fax too. So you can ask them to unblock the caller ID of your fax number and/or the eFax developer 619 caller ID number. If needed, you can contact Support to change the caller ID of your fax number to match the same caller ID of your fax number.