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Move Opero Fax Activation to a New Salesforce Org

If you have the Opero Fax app configured in one Salesforce org and you need to move the activation over to a new Salesforce Org, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Install Opero Fax app into new Salesforce org(s) from AppExchange.
  2. Go to fax configuration tab and click “grant access” to authorize the app. Only one active Salesforce user needs to authorize the app for all users. Usually this is an admin user or user that will have proper permissions to installed components and any other fax processes in place.
  3. Create a case to Opero Apps support saying that you want your activation moved over to a new Salesforce org (provide the old org ID, the new org ID, and if you want the same fax number(s) moved over to the new org that were assigned in previous org).

If you have configurations or any automation setup in previous org and you want to deploy the data and processes over to new org, please note following steps:

  1. If you are deploying from a Sandbox to Production org, you can create a change set in Sandbox with the configurations you made around the fax app and then deploy it to Production.
  2. Optionally if moving to another org, you could create a Unmanaged Package and put the configuration components you made around the Opero Fax app into the Package, then using the install link and you can install that package into the new org.
  3. A third option is that you can manually re-create the same configurations in the new org that were in the old org.
  4. If you want to migrate the Sent Fax and Received Fax records that were in the old org into new org, you can use Data Loader to do a data migration.
  5. Usual configurations to consider: Custom Fields on Sent Fax and Received Fax objects, custom buttons, Process Builders, workflows that execute faxing operations, and custom field settings configured under Fax Configuration tab.