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Package Release Notes

When upgrading a managed package, some components such as page layouts and picklist values are not updated automatically and instead must be updated manually by the user. To determine whether a specific component is updated automatically during a package upgrade, click on the specific component listed in the “Supported Components in Managed Packages” section of this article: Components Available in Managed Packages.

Package 4.0

  • Published November 30, 2023.
  • Converted fax package to Flow: “Send Faxes With Outbound Messages”. Existing customers who upgrade will need to deactivate the following workflows: Received Fax Notification, Send Fax Attachment, Send Fax Multiple Attachment. 
  • Change to configuration requirements for fax automation by creating a sent fax record. Existing customers who upgrade will need to update all automation that creates a sent fax record by removing the following field setting: “Sent with outbound message=true”. This field is no longer required and must be removed when upgrading in order to ensure that faxing does not break. Please see the Fax Automation article for updated configuration details:
  • Added “Sent Pages” field to the Sent Fax object. When a fax is sent, it will attempt to send the pages in the fax; however, the fax could fail. In the case of a failed fax, eFax returns a Sent Pages value that shows how many pages were actually sent. For example, if a fax fails and only sends 2 out of 6 pages, the Sent Fax field will equal 2. If a fax succeeds after a retry, the Sent Pages value could be greater than the Total Pages because it attempted partial pages then retried for full pages. For example, if a fax fails the first attempt and sends 2 out of 6 pages, then succeeds a second attempt, the Sent Pages field will equal 8.
  • Support for sending up to 30 attachments. Upgrading customers need to add the Attachment11 – Attachment30 fields to the Sent Fax page layout.

Package 2.6

  • Update to Opero Fax MCFID. It has come to our attention that eFax recycles their MCFID (unique Id) for fax records over years. We have updated Opero Fax to append a timestamp to the MCFID to make it unique. This is important so that old Received Fax records do not potentially get updated by a new Received Fax record with the same MCFID. In this situation, when a fax is received, instead of creating a new Received Fax record, it updates an existing Received Fax from the past. The Created Date is [date in the past] and Received Date is [current date]. Also, the attachments have attachments from [date in the past]. To determine if this has impacted your faxes, run a report on Received Faxes where Modified Date is greater than at least 24 hours from the Created Date. This would show faxes modified after the created date, which may mean the same original record was updated with a newer fax. Unless you have other processes that modify fax records more than 24 hours after they are created, then you would need to adjust this logic. This should be rare cases since the same MCFID would have to exist in your org. Customers with package versions older than 1.70 have the old MCFID and are advised to upgrade to the latest version of Opero Fax by following these steps:
  • Self Busy feature. By default, the system prevents multiple fax channels from simultaneously dialing the same fax number. We have added support for disabling this feature. Disabling this feature will allow a single fax number to be dialed simultaneously by multiple fax channels. Details can be found in our Basic Configuration article:

Package 1.99

Installation instructions:

Updates included in this package:

  • Fixed Salesforce permission issue that prevented non-admin users from using the standard cover sheet feature. 
  • Added custom permission sets “Fax User” and “Fax Admin”. See Basic Configuration article for details.
  • New “Files Sent Links” Field on Sent Fax page. Provides links to each file in the Attachment ID fields, shown as File 1, File 2, File 3, etc. for corresponding Attachment ID 1, Attachment ID 2, Attachment ID 3… etc. When you click the link, it previews the PDF in the browser. This provides quick links to all sent files. See Sent Fax Object and Fields article for more details.
  • Set Barcode Pages. Provides the option to specify which pages should have a barcode. To use this feature, go to Fax Configuration tab and select eFax Developer Settings. The “Set Barcode Pages” checkbox should be selected and the “Disable Barcode” checkbox should not be selected. When using a cover sheet with the set barcode pages feature, page 1 will be the cover sheet. See Basic Configuration article for more details.
  • Receive faxes as files. After upgrading/installing package, go to the Fax Configuration tab, click “Efax Developer Settings” tab, select “Use Files” checkbox. If desired, add the “Files” related list to page layout ( a copy of the received fax appears in both “Notes & Attachments” and “Files” related lists, so it is not required). See Basic Configuration article for more details.
  • Add a Company Logo to the Standard Cover Sheet. To add a logo to the standard cover sheet, go to the Fax Configuration page and enter an externally available image URL in “Coversheet Logo Image URL” field. Optionally enter the Coversheet logo position, width, and height as well. See Basic Configuration article for details.
  • Adjust size of PDF preview page. Two new fields in eFax General Settings for cover sheet that allow users to minimize the width and height of the pdf preview page. Access these settings in Custom Settings (go to Setup>Custom Settings>eFax General Settings).
  • Legacy URL params for the old Visualforce Send Fax page set via custom button are retired. Check this article to ensure that you are using supported params:  Pass Values to Send Fax Page With Custom Button

Package 1.76

  • Published on April 11, 2022.
  • Send Fax page converted from Visualforce page to Lightning Component. To access this Lightning page with a custom url button, see this article: Pass Values to Send Fax Page with Custom Button.
    • No action required for existing customers.

Package 1.70

  • Send Fax Page UI Improvements.
    • Add Modified Date after the file name in parenthesis, formatted as: {filename} ({modified date}).
    • Spacing of related files and PDF preview is more dynamic and responsive.
  • Send a fax while using Sales Console or Service Console without refreshing the whole console (including utility items, e.g., CTI phones). After user sends a fax, the app opens the new Sent Fax record in the sub tab.

Package 1.68

  • We have rebranded from A5 Apps to Opero and our suite of apps reflects this exciting new look.
  •  Send faxes with a Cover Sheet
    • You can now send faxes with a cover sheet.
    • Use the Standard cover sheet template included with the app.
    • Or you can configure custom coversheet templates with Opero Documents, or other document generation apps.
  • You can now create and populate multiple related lookup fields as well as any custom field on the Send a Fax page.
    • Fields can be used to also merge into your custom cover sheet templates.
  • Select multiple files to fax at once and order them within the Send a Fax page.
    • More easily select files and view related files from populated lookups.
  • Populate all values on the Send a Fax page with a custom button.
    • Legacy button parameters should still work but we have revamped all the params for the updated Send a Fax page and would recommend you update your custom buttons to the Send a Fax page with the new values.
  • Checkout the updated demo video on using the new fax app.
  • Related articles: Basic Configuration, Sending a Fax, Fax Automation, Configure a Custom Cover Sheet, Pass Values to Send Fax Page with Custom Button.

Package 1.53

  • We have made Files the primary tab when selecting pdfs.
  • When a pdf is uploaded, it is now saved to Files personal folder.
  • PNG Format Feature – Opero Fax now supports both TIFF and PNG as alternative sending formats to the standard PDF. Contact support to enable this feature in your org.
  • Multiple Attachments Feature – You can now select multiple attachments/files to include in your fax. Choose from different sources: Documents, Files, related attachments, and browse/upload. We support up to 10 attachments. See this article for more information: Send a Fax Manually.

Package 1.46

  • This app update includes the fix with pre-populating lookup field on Send Fax page when invoked from a related list. The issue was caused by the latest Salesforce update in October 2020.

Package 1.43

  • Opero Fax package posted on AppExchange on November 01, 2019. Includes general app features, barcode feature, Lightning ready features. Includes feature to fax with files and be able to see related PDF attachments on existing record to choose from under “recipients files/documents/attachments” tab.