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Porting Fax Lines

1. Become a customer: If you have an existing fax line that is owned by another fax telco service, you can initiate porting your existing fax number(s) over to Opero Fax once you have activated your Opero Fax account.

2. LOA Porting Form: After activating your Opero Fax account, you can request to start the porting process which will require you to fill out and sign the “Letter of Agency” agreement: Letter of Agency (LOA). It is very important to fill out all details in the document and ensure you are using the correct account contact/billing address that is linked with current telco carrier. The porting request could be rejected if any details on LOA form do not match account details with current telco carrier. And a signature is required on form.
NOTE: If you are porting an existing fax line that is owned by eFax Corporate to Opero Fax, the porting process is different and you do not need to fill out LOA. You can submit a case to Support for further assistance (porting duration can be completed within 24 business hours).

3. Copy of Telco Invoice: In addition to providing the signed/filled out LOA, you will need to provide a recent copy of telco invoice from the other carrier.

4. How to submit porting documents: You will send the LOA and telco invoice documents to support so we can start the porting process for you.

5. Porting Fee: There is a one time porting fee of $15.00 USD for each number.

6. Speed of Port: Port requests are typically processed within 2 to 10 business days after submitted. We cannot schedule a cut over date for toll free lines. We can schedule a cut over date for a local line if the date is at least 14 days away. Cut overs are only possible on business days between 9am PST and 11am PST. If porting from eFax Corp to Opero Fax the turn around is usually 1 business day. You will advise if you want us to process the port ASAP or if you have a desired cut over date and we will help determine the best date to submit the port request. Opero will keep you updated with the target port date once received by telco and typically will have at least a 1 day warning when it will cut over.

7. Forwarding Inbound Faxes during port process: You are welcome to use a temporary fax line that Opero provides you at time of activation while you wait for other fax line(s) to be ported over. You could consider to setup fax forward from your current telco fax line carrier to the fax line assigned with Opero so the inbound faxes are received into Salesforce. This will allow you to go live with receiving faxes in Salesforce before the port process completes. You can also enable a fax forward at a very specific day and time that you control allowing you to control when faxes start going to Salesforce. Once the fax line is ported over it will be added to your org and we can remove the temp fax line.