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Sender Unable to Connect to Opero Fax number

Problem: Sender complains that they are not able to connect to an Opero fax number. They attempt to fax an Opero fax number but are disconnected and the fax fails. See below for next steps and troubleshooting information.

Solution: Normally the first step would be to run a report on the Received Fax object to identify a specific issue; however, If the sender did not hit the PSTN or they cannot reach the line from their carrier, the attempt will not show in the Received Fax report as there is no call log for eFax to reference. In other words, it is not possible to generate a log of failed faxes received as the fact they have failed means they were not received. In this case:

  1. Ask the sender to provide any error message, their Baud Rate, and check whether ECM (Error Correction Mode) is enabled. When a client is using a physical fax machine but has an incompatible Baud Rate (the Baud Rate is too high or too low), this can cause connection issues ranging from incomplete/incompatible fax transmissions to failed transmissions entirely. For reference, when sending or receiving faxes from a physical fax machine, they should have a Baud Rate set to 9,600, and ECM (also referred to as Error Correction Mode) should be enabled.
  2. If the Baud Rate is set correctly and ECM is enabled, the caller should ask their carrier to perform a traceroute to see which leg is being blocked. It is a common occurrence for the sender to think that they have an outside line but in fact never get out of their own internal PBX (ie no dial tone to the device, forget to place an 8 or 9 before the number, has an ill-configured VOIP or SIP Gateway, etc).