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Sent Fax Object and Fields

Sent Fax Object Fields

The following table provides detailed information for each field on the Sent Fax object:

Attachment IDefaxapp__Attachment_ID__cLeave blank if “Cover Sheet” is “Standard”, “Custom”, or “External”. Otherwise, set the Contact Document ID or Content Version ID of the File or Attachment.
Attachment ID2efaxapp__Attachment_ID2__cIf “Cover Sheet” is “Standard”, “Custom”, or “External”, then provide the Contact Document ID or Content Version ID for your first file in this field.
Attachment ID3 thru AttachmentID10efaxapp__Attachment_ID3__c … ​​efaxapp__Attachment_ID10__cUse these fields to set the Contact Document ID or Content Version ID of any additional attachments. You can send a max of 10 attachments in one fax with no cover sheet, or a max of 9 attachments with a cover sheet.
Barcode Position from Leftefaxapp__Barcode_Position_Left__cSets the position of the QR code from left edge of the document in pixels. Expects an integer.
Barcode Position from Topfaxapp__Barcode_Position_Top__cSets the position of the QR code from top edge of the document in pixels. Expects an integer.
Barcode Size Widthefaxapp__Barcode_Size_Width__cSets the QR code width in pixels. Expects an integer.
Commentsefaxapp__Comments__cOptional text to define any comments for coversheet or notes about the fax.
Cover Sheetefaxapp__Cover_Sheet__cPicklist values include ‘None’, ‘Standard’, ‘Custom’, ‘External’.
Cover Sheet Templateefaxapp__Cover_Sheet_Template__cIf Cover Sheet is “Custom” set this to the name of the Document Action you will use to generate the coversheet, e.g., GDT-0000012. This is an integration with Opero Documents. See article Configure a Custom Coversheet.
Detailed Fax Statusefaxapp__Detailed_Fax_Status__cProvides more detailed information regarding the Sent Fax status (efaxapp__Status__c).
Fax Numberefaxapp__Fax_Number__cThis is the number to which the fax will be sent.
Files Sent Linksefaxapp__Files_Sent_Links__cThis field provides links to each file in the Attachment ID fields, shown as File 1, File 2, File 3, etc. for corresponding Attachment ID 1, Attachment ID 2, Attachment ID 3… etc. When you click the link, it previews the PDF in the browser. This provides quick links to all sent files. These file links will be available for all cases (both large and normal files). Additionally, a PDF copy of the sent files will be attached in the Sent Fax related list.
Organization Fax Numberefaxapp__Org_Fax_Number__cThis can be any fax number assigned to the org.
Parent IDefaxapp__Parent_ID__cIf Cover Sheet picklist field is set to “Standard”, then Parent ID field = Recipient’s Salesforce ID.
Send Dateefaxapp__Send_Date__cField type is Date/Time. If using Flow, set to {!$Flow.CurrentDateTime}.
Sent Pagesefaxapp__Sent_Pages__cWhen a fax is sent, it will attempt to send the pages in the fax; however, the fax could fail. In the case of a failed fax, eFax returns a Sent Pages value that shows how many pages were actually sent. For example, if a fax fails and only sends 2 out of 6 pages, the Sent Fax field will equal 2. If a fax succeeds after a retry, the Sent Pages value could be greater than the Total Pages because it attempted partial pages then retried for full pages. For example, if a fax fails the first attempt and sends 2 out of 6 pages, then succeeds a second attempt, the Sent Pages field will equal 8.
Sent With Outbound Messageefaxapp__Sent_With_Outbound_Message__cIn order to send a fax, this checkbox field must be set to “true”.
Statusefaxapp__Status__cSet to “Generating Cover Sheet” if you have set Cover Sheet to Standard or Custom. Otherwise set to “Sending”.
Subjectefaxapp__Subject__cAny text to define a subject for the coversheet or about this fax for reference.
Total Pagesefaxapp__Sent_Pages__cTotal pages of the PDF file sent, including cover sheet.
*Additional lookups and custom fieldsYou can set any other lookup fields included with the app, any custom lookups, or any custom fields on the Sent Fax object.