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Setup a Fax Forward

If you need to forward your incoming faxes to another fax number you can configure this as described below. Note that you will be charged for the received fax pages as well as the forwarded sent fax pages.

  1. Create a field on Received Fax object called “Fax Attachment ID”, a formula text field with formula: Right(efaxapp__Fax_URL__c,18)
  2. Create a lookup field on Sent Fax called “Fax Forwarded”, a lookup to Received Fax object. This is optional but would allow you to see which fax was forwarded from sent fax.
  3. Create a process builder on Received Fax called “Forward Fax” when record created and Status is “Received” and Fax URL is not null and Sent To equals the fax number receiving the fax you want to forward. The immediate action should be to create a record in Sent Fax object:
    Attachment ID = field reference to Received Fax.Fax Attachment ID
    Fax Number = string type, type the fax number you want to forward to. Or could configure a formula or field to merge.
    Send Date = insert function Now()
    Subject = as you desire, but suggest the Record ID of the received fax.
    Status = Sending
    Sent With Out Message = True
    Fax Forwarded = field reference type, the record ID of the received fax.
  4. Ensure that the Outbound Message “Send Fax Attachment” related Workflow is active.
  5. Give it a test by sending a fax into the org on the matching fax number.