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Troubleshoot Failed Apex Automation

If you have created Apex automation and the fax record is not getting created or fax gets stuck in sending, you can review the following steps to help troubleshoot:

1. Re-review the Apex article and steps for how to setup code: Make sure the send with outbound message is True.
2. Check that workflow on sent fax object: Check that outbound message is Active.
3. Check your files permissions: may need to have “Query All Files” enabled for the user who granted access for Fax app under fax configuration tab.
4. If you are not able to resolve and not sure what to do next,  you can contact Support to provide org ID and our app expert team can check any debug logs for your org to see if able to find more information to help troubleshoot. You can also purchase premium app support and provide Opero Apps support with login access to org and the steps to recreate same automation issue with test record.