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After a Form is Submitted, Generate a Document

Configure a form to generate a document based on an Opero Documents template and either download the document as a PDF to the browser or redirect to the generated Google Doc whenever a form is submitted.

This could be useful in a process where you need to gather data with your Form and then automatically generate a document with merged data that was submitted via the form.

For example, automatically generate a Non Disclosure Agreement after a contact submits their company and contact details. After submitting the form, this data would be automatically merged into the agreement template and the final document provided to the user after submitting the form. 

Configuration Steps:

  1. Create a Document Action using Opero Documents app. The Document Action should be configured to output to a PDF or just the generated Google Doc.
  2. Select the form’s Completion Action. If you set the Document Action to output a PDF, then select “Document Action: Download a File”. If you set the Document Action to output the Google Doc, then select “Document Action: Goto Google Doc”.
  3. Enter a message in the “Completion Display Message” field to display once the document is generated and ready to download.
  4. Add the Document Action ID into the form field “Completion: Document Action ID”.
  5. If needed, create a Flow that will move field values from the Form Response to your base object that the template is based on. The value in the Related To ID field on the Form Response record is what is sent to Opero Documents as the base object record Id that the template is based on.
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