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Flow that Maps Form Response Field Values

With Opero Forms it is easy to configure a Flow that maps form response field values to fields in another record. For example, Universal Containers needed a simple way for existing customers to update their Service Level Agreement (SLA), which is reflected in a custom picklist field called “SLA Level”.

They have configured a formula field on the Account object that appends the relatedto param and record Id to the Form URL ( so that form responses are automatically related to the Account record.

+  Id

When the form is submitted, a Form Response record is created. This triggers a Flow on the Form Response object to map the value in the form response to the SLA Level__c field on the related Account.

The flow contains a decision element to determine which Form the Form Response record is related to. In this case, it is related to Form F-9.

After that, an Update Records element updates the related Account record’s Account.SLA Level field.

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