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Relate Form Responses to a Specific Record

If a Form Response record should be related to a record, you can pass the record Id by adding the “relatedto” param to the form url. The form URL can be found in the Form.Form URL field. When a user clicks a form URL that contains the relatedto param and record Id, all form responses will be related to this specific record in Salesforce.

Example Form URL:

Example Form URL with “relatedto” param that appends a record Id:

Example formula field that will automatically add the “relatedto” param and record Id to the url:

Using “field1”, “field2” … “field100” params will pre-fill form fields with information from the related Salesforce record. An example use case would be a form that allows clients to update their contact information. For this use case, We would create a formula field that adds the relatedto param and Contact record Id. We also want to pre-fill the form with the contact information that we have on file for them, so they can review and update as needed. Field 1 needs to be pre-filled with the contact’s first name, Field 2 needs to be populated with the contact’s last name, and fields 3 needs to be populated with the contact’s email:

On the Contact record page layout, you can see the field values are dynamically populated in the URL:

We can merge this formula field into an email template as a dynamic link and send it to the contact:

When the recipient clicks the link, it directs them to the form. Field values will pre-populate with information from the contact record and the Form Response record will be automatically related to the contact record. This is because the link includes the “relatedto”, “field1”, “field2”, “field3” params:

To process the form response, create a record-triggered Flow on the Form Response object that is triggered when a record is created. For this example, we will use the Update Record element to map the Form Response field values to the fields on the related contact:

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