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Processing Form Responses

Whenever a new form is submitted with the Opero Forms app, a new Form Response record is created. All Field 1, Field 2, Field 3, etc. values are set based on the field numbers for the fields related to the Form. For example, the value entered into Field Number 1 on your form will map to Field 1 on the Form Response record. Each field’s response is saved as a Form Response Field record, which is related to the Form Response record (master/detail to Form Response).

If your Form Response record should be related to a record, you can pass a record Id of the Salesforce record by appending  “&relatedto={salesforce id}” to the end of your form url. The url param is “relatedto” and you should merge a Salesforce id of a record. For example:

You can create a formula field on an object you want form responses related to that includes the hardcoded Form URL then merges the record Id as the relatedto param. For example, if you wanted to ask a contact to update their contact information, you could create a formula field as a merge field for this dynamic link in an email template so that, when they click the link, the form response will be related to that record.

+  Id

When the form is submitted, this relatedto param value is saved in the “Form Response.Related To” field as the Salesforce Id of the record. Note that this is a text field, not a lookup field; however, the relatedto param value could be used to update a custom lookup field that you create on the Form Response object. Alternatively, you could use the value in a Flow to update the related record with the Form Response field values.

If you want to send the Form Response Field values to other records in Salesforce, create a record-triggered Flow that executes when a new Form Response record is created. Create a decision element that checks for a specific Form Id. Then map the Form Response Field values to other fields in Salesforce and process what you want to happen after the form is submitted. You may also want to add other actions to the Flow that support your business processes such as send an email or create a task.

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