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Auto Create Shipping Labels with Google Drive

When Google Drive is enabled, the shipping label image URL is saved in the Shipping Label Google Drive URL field on the Shipment record instead of as an attachment in Salesforce. Since labels are saved on Google Drive instead of Salesforce, this saves storage space in Salesforce. Go to the Opero Ship app and go to the Ship Configuration tab.

  1. Click the Google Drive tab.
  2. Click the Enable Google Drive button to authorize your Google account. Ensure that Google Docs is enabled within Salesforce.
  3. Google Drive Root Folder Id – This field specifies the Google Drive Folder Id where shipping labels will be saved. If this is not defined, labels will be saved in the root folder of the user’s Google Drive. Each shipment will create its own folder with the shipment name as the folder name.

You can easily mass print shipping labels by downloading an export of a whole folder of shipping labels, then unzip on your computer and mass print them.  You can also sync your Google Drive to your computer if you prefer.