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Error: Invalid ID

Error Message: “Error: Invalid Id”

Possible Causes:

  1. The “Email To” field in the Document Action may not be formatted correctly as a Lead or Contact Id.
    1. How to resolve: See the help text below the “Email” section of the Document Action for more detail on how to build this merge field or email contact. You can also revisit the Document Action section of the Opero Documents Basic Configuration article, which outlines how to set up the email section in the Document Action. Or, if the Document Action is being used in automation, please the details in this Automate Document Generation article.
  2. The Google Doc Id, Google Drive Folder Id, or Email Template Id that you pasted into the Document Action may be incorrect or contain an error.
    1. How to resolve: Cross-check all the Ids to make sure there are no extra symbols, letters, or numbers and that they are in the proper format per this article. Note that all email template Ids start with “OOX.”
  3. If you are trying to use a list button rather than a custom button attached to an object layout, the error is coming from the base object API.