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Mass generation of documents based on Object List View & Import of .csv file

Example use cases for mass generation request using the Contact object, with example validation rules to use on List View with .csv file import:

Example One:

Generate docs for Contacts that meet certain criteria in Salesforce (eg. if ‘Volunteer Status = Active’ and ‘Do not contact = FALSE’). You can use the filter feature in template builder to only merge certain related list items from a contact record based on a condition. See Template Configuration article for more detail. You could also place button on list view for mass document generation, see this article for more detail.

Example Two:

Generate docs for contacts listed in a .csv file (essentially bypassing the Contacts in Salesforce). The .csv file will contain two columns, first name and email address.

We are looking to use this functionality to send thank you emails to our volunteers. The emails will contain a certificate in the form of a PDF attachment. The only field that will be merged into the email and the PDF is the volunteer’s ‘first name’.

You will need to import the list into Salesforce and create the Contacts. If you want you can create a simple custom object, but since you want to email them from Salesforce you should import as Leads or Contacts. Last Name will be required but you can put something like “Unknown”. You can create a process on this import to mass generate pdfs and email them to the list you just updated by setting a checkbox field, for example, during the import to flag these contacts for this. You could then mass delete those same contacts you imported after the process is all completed.