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eFax Detailed Fax Status’ (Reason for Not Delivered/Failed Fax on Sent Fax Records)

NOTE: If you get one of these errors, we advise you call the number to make sure its a working fax number with a Fax Tone. If you are getting a Fax Tone attempt to retry 2 more times. If you get the same error 3 times within 24 hours then we can have eFax investigate the issue.

1) No loop current/ AB (hang up in send) – This error indicates that the remote line disconnected the call with no error message or reason for the disconnection provided. When this error occurs, we mark the transmission as a failure. The first step in troubleshooting these errors would be to examine the failure that is causing the remote line to disconnect. They would need to examine call logs or contact their service provider for more information. Note in this case that if we do not receive any type of response for 30 seconds at any point during the transmission, we mark it as a disconnection. If the remote end is logging the error as a disconnection on our side, this is likely the case so their service provider would want to troubleshoot any issues that would cause a 30 second lapse in communication during the call.

2) Phone failed on global DNS Lookup – All numbers to be dialed are first cross-checked on a “Do Not Send” list. This list is managed by eFax Developer. The owner of the fax number requested to be added to this list to block faxes from eFax Developer. You can reach out to your customer and ask them to remove themselves from the list by emailing and requesting its removal and provide proof of ownership. Also all 1-900 premium-rate numbers are blocked. Another reason for this error is the number is invalid and cannot be dialed. Typically invalid numbers have too many/not enough digits, are international but did not include the “011” international prefix, or contain an invalid sequence of numbers (e.g. “555” or “123” exchange).

3) Phone number failed to pass phone mask – Bad number or formatted wrong (needs to be an actual fax number with proper formatting)

4) Fast busy: telephone co trunk lines busy – This error indicates that no transmission path to the called number is available (congestion tone or all trunks busy tone). It is used to indicate that a person has dialed an invalid code, or that all circuits (trunks) are busy and/or their call is unroutable. As with any busy signal, call the number to verify the tone. If the number answers busy the carrier of that number needs to resolve the issue.

5) Normal busy: remote end busy(off hook) – This is caused by the number being busy or there was no fax tone on the receiving number.

6) Answer detected probable human – This means eFax detected a human picking up the phone.

7) No answer T.30 T1 timeout – The recipient did not answer within 30 seconds (typically 5-6 rings). This issue needs to be addressed by the carrier of the destination fax number.

8) Ringing timed out (no answer) – This means that the line rang continuously without anyone picking up.

9) Unexpected transmission failure – Minimum baud rate as not met and the recipient is attempting to receive the fax at an unsupported baud rate. To resolve this requires the recipient to ensure they’ve set their baud rate to the standard of 9600 to prevent these failures. If they have it set to a range which includes baud rates lower than 9600, intermittent failures of this nature will occur.

10) Dialtone remains after dial sequence – It is possible that these faxes are failing because the recipient is blocking the eFax Developer caller ID. The recipient would need to unblock (the sender’s eFax Developer caller ID) in order to prevent these failures.