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Received fax updates old received fax record instead of creating new received fax record

Issue: We received a fax and instead of creating a new Received Fax record, it updated an existing Received fax from a few years back. The Created Date is [date in the past] and Received Date is [current date]. Also, the attachments have attachments from [date in the past]. 

Cause: eFax recycles their MCFID (unique id) for fax records over years. We have updated Opero Fax to append a timestamp to the MCFID to make it unique. This is important so that old fax records don’t potentially get updated by a new fax record with the same MCFID. If this has impacted your faxes, you would be able to run a report on Received Faxes where Modified Date is greater than at least 24 hours from the Created Date. This would show faxes modified after the created date, which may mean the same original record was updated with a newer fax. Unless you have other processes that modify fax records more than 24 hours after they are created, then you would need to adjust this logic. This should be rare cases since the same MCFID would have to exist in your org. 

Solution: Customers with package versions less than 1.70 have the old MCFID and are advised to upgrade to the latest version of Opero Fax: