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Receiving Faxes

What happens when the Opero Fax app receives faxes?

  1. When faxes are sent to your fax number, they are automatically inserted into Salesforce as a Received Fax record. For related objects, the record shows in the Received Fax related list.
  2. The fax is attached to the Received Fax record as a PDF file (PDF is the only allowed format for received faxes). A JPEG attachment in Preview Fax field shows a preview image of the fax received. You can also click the “View Fax” hyperlink to open the fax attachment.
  3. The default status is “Received” and the Received Date is recorded.
  4. The sender’s fax number is recorded in the Sent Fax record. If you’d like to auto relate the Received Fax record to an existing record in Salesforce, create a Flow or an Apex trigger to match the sender’s fax number with an existing record in Salesforce.
  5. If a barcode is on the Received Fax, the app will attempt to match the Received Fax with the original Sent Fax that was sent with the barcode.  If a match is found, the Sent Fax lookup field will be populated. If the original Sent Fax has a lookup relationship and you would like to relate the Received Fax record to this same record, create a Flow or an Apex trigger to populate this lookup relationship.