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Barcode Feature

Not sure whether to add a barcode? We recommend using the barcode feature if you are faxing a document that the recipient will fill out or sign and then fax back to you. Adding the barcode will auto relate the Received Fax record to the original Sent Fax record and the related object record (the record that you sent the fax from).

Add a Barcode from the Send a Fax page

  • Click the “Add Barcode” button above the fax preview.
  • To resize the barcode, click the white square at the lower right corner of the barcode and drag.
  • To remove the barcode, click the grey “x” at the upper right corner of the barcode.

Barcode Tips

  • Add at least two barcodes, in separate areas. Sometimes when faxes come back an area of the fax gets distorted or has a hair in it.  Having two barcodes on the page increases the chance of successfully reading one.
  • Place the barcode on a white/blank area of PDF. Do not place the barcode image over other text or dark areas of the PDF.
  • Larger images of barcode allow for better resolution of barcode image.
  • Place barcodes away from the edge of your PDF in order to ensure it does not get cut off as the fax travels through the eFax platform.

Barcode Placement with Custom Button or Automation by Creating a Sent Fax Record

If you are faxing with a custom button or fax automation by creating a sent fax record using Flow or Apex, the placement of barcodes is set by the following fields on the Sent Fax record:

Barcode Position from Left- Sets the position of the QR code from left edge of the document in pixels. Expects an integer.
Barcode Position from Top- 
Sets the position of the QR code from top edge of the document in pixels. Expects an integer.
Barcode Size Width- Sets the QR code width in pixels. Expects an integer.

Best practice to determine barcode position values would be to create a Sent Fax record on the Send a Fax page following these steps:

  • Go to the Send a Fax page by clicking the “Send Fax” tab.
  • Add the coversheet or document you will be faxing.
  • Manually place the barcodes where you want them via the fax preview. This will let you add the barcodes and adjust the placement to your liking.
  • Send the fax to yourself or a test fax number.
  • Look at the Sent Fax record to see the value of these three fields:
    • Barcode Position From Left
    • Barcode Position From Top
    • Barcode Size Width
    • If they are not on the page layout you’ll need to go to setup>object manager>sent fax>page layout and add them to the page in order to see them.

Note that if you’ve added more than one barcode, each value will be separated by a comma, e.g., Barcode Position From Left=100, 70. When adding more than one barcode, each field listed above should have the same number of values. You can add up to 15 values (up to 15 barcodes).

You can copy the values for these three fields and set them in your custom button code for the following params. See our custom button article for more information and example button code.

  • efaxapp__barcodepositionleft
  • efaxapp__barcodepositiontop
  • efaxapp__barcodesizewidth

If configuring fax automation, you would set these field values in the Sent Fax record that you create using Flow/Apex. This will ensure your preferred barcode placement each time.

If you ever need to adjust the placement of the barcode(s), you would repeat this process to get the new pixel values for each field.