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Configure a Custom Cover Sheet

With Opero Fax, you can optionally send faxes with a cover sheet. The app includes a standard cover sheet, which you can use by selecting “Standard” from the cover sheet picklist. If you are generating a cover sheet from a template using Opero Documents or another document generation app, we suggest integrating the cover sheet into the template. This makes the process more efficient, as there is only one document to generate. If you need to have a custom cover sheet that is generated when sending a fax using the Send Fax page, you can configure your custom cover sheet using Opero Documents. If desired, you can prepare multiple cover sheet templates and configure your button code to preselect the coversheet template desired. This does require an Opero Documents license.

When you use the Send Fax page to send a fax, the “Selected Files Total Pages” displays the total pages of the selected PDFs. If using a standard cover sheet, “Selected Files Total Pages” automatically includes the standard cover sheet in the displayed count. If using a custom cover sheet; however, “Selected Files Total Pages” would not include the total pages in your custom cover sheet template. If you want the to include the page count of your custom cover sheet, create a custom formula field that adds the number of pages in your custom cover sheet to the “Selected Files Total Pages” value. Specifics would depend on how you would want this displayed on your cover page.

See below for steps to configure custom cover sheets.

  1. Create a Document Action with Opero Documents.
  2. Base Object API = “efaxapp__Sent_Fax__c”.
  3. Output Format = “PDF”.
  4. Attach File to Record = True
  5. Save File Id Field = efaxapp__Attachment_ID__c
  6. Add merge fields on your template merging from Sent Fax record and through any lookup fields from that object.
  7. You are welcome to use the Subject and Comments fields provided.
  8. Note that you can create custom fields on the Sent Fax object to include on the Sent Fax page layout and/or merge into your cover sheet, as described in the Opero Fax Basic Configuration article. Any Documents that are based on the Sent Fax object will automatically appear in the cover sheet picklist as an option to select . The picklist value will show as their Document Action name.
  9. You can configure your custom button to preselect a specific cover sheet template. See the Opero Documents Basic Configuration article for more detail.


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