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Configure UPS

Steps to Configure Carrier

  1. Create a account.
  2. If you have a login but no billing account with an Account Number, then sign up here:
    • If you have an account, you can view your Account Number on your Invoice from UPS.
  3. Go to the UPS Developer Kit web page:
    • Click request access key.
    • Add account if needed.
  4. Log into the Opero Ship app, click the Ship Configuration tab, and click UPS.
  5. Check the Active box so that this carrier is an active carrier. When a carrier is active, you are able to set carrier specific settings on the Create Shipment tab and create/ print active shipping labels.
  6. Enter the Account Key
  7. Enter the Account Number
  8. Enter the User ID
  9. Enter the User Password
    • There is a password mask on this field for privacy. To check for accuracy, click and hold the eye icon to see your password.
  10. Test Mode Checkbox:  If the Test Mode checkbox is checked, then your account won’t be debited when you create/print a shipping label. Instead, a “test” shipping label will be created. If the Test Mode checkbox is not checked, your account will be debited when you create/print a shipping label, as it is an active label (rather than a test label).
    • Label will say, “Sample”.

Note: Additional reference materials: How to get UPS credentials for integration with Odoo