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Configure UPS

Steps to Configure Carrier

  • Go to this link and create an app:
    • You should select the option “I want to integrate UPS technology into my business”.
  • Select or create an account which will be associated with your app and select next.
  • Follow the instructions on the UPS website to create the app.
  • After the app is created then you will get credentials “Client Id” and “Client Secret”. Copy these credentials.
  • Leave the Callback URL blank.
  • Select the products you will use on the app. We support the products listed below:
    • Rating
    • Authorization
    • Tracking
    • Shipping
  • Once your app is created, to view your app details, login to your UPS account and open the pap details by going to Home>My apps>click the name of your app.
  • Log into the Opero Ship app, click the Ship Configuration tab, and click UPS.
  • Enter the Account Number, Client Id, and Client Secret.
  • Existing customers who upgrade must also update the UPS carrier account page layout by removing the following fields: Account Key, User ID, User Password.
  • Active checkbox: Select the Active box to make it an active carrier. When a carrier is active, you are able to set carrier specific settings on the Create Shipment tab and create/ print active shipping labels.
  • Test Mode Checkbox:  If the Test Mode checkbox is selected, then your account won’t be debited when you create/print a shipping label. Instead, a “test” shipping label will be created. If the Test Mode checkbox is not checked, your account will be debited when you create/print a shipping label, as it is an active label (rather than a test label). Label will say, “Sample”.
  • Bill to Recipient Checkbox: Select this checkbox to use the Bill to Recipient Feature with UPS carrier. For more information, see Bill to Recipient article.

Note: Additional reference materials: How to get UPS credentials for integration with Odoo