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Sent Fax stuck in “Sending” status

Reasons a sent fax could be stuck in Sending status:

  1. Authorization The admin user may need to re-authorize the app under Fax Configuration tab. There are several reasons as to why you would need to refresh authorization, for example when there is a change in authorized user, anything in your faxing process/Salesforce has changed, an org refresh, or updated package install. After you do this step, Sent Fax records will either start to be sent within 24 hour period or you may need to recreate the sent fax records after refreshing authorization. If you receive an error message when trying to authorize the app that refers to “this site cannot be reached”, please review this article to resolve.
  2. Permission Issue – If a fax is getting stuck in Sending status for no apparent reason, it could be a permission issue.
    1. Files/Documents Permission Issue – See this article for steps to resolve.
    2. User Permission Issue – For more details, see the Basic Configuration article .
  3. Automation/Inactive User –If you have configured an automatic process for faxing (using process builder, flow, apex, or any other means of automation), and sent faxes are stuck in Sending status, you should check if the running user is active. It is possible that one user may be set as a default user for the specific automation, and it got deactivated. Also, check for a permission issue (#2). 
  4. Send Fax Attachment Outbound Messages– Check to verify that the running user is active for the following Outbound Messages: “Send Fax Attachment” and “Send Fax Multiple Attachment”. These Outbound Messages were created during the installation of Opero Fax and are located under Setup > Workflow Actions > Outbound Messages.
  5. API Call Limit – You may have hit your daily API call limit. Go to Setup > Company Settings > Company Information > Show API Requests > Last 24 Hours. See what the limit is and see if you went past it. If you did, you will need to wait till your 24 hour mark is over to start with new limit. You can submit case to Salesforce to increase your daily API call limit if needed.

Once Issue is resolved, you can re-send existing Sent Faxes

Once you have figured out the issue that caused sent faxes to be stuck in Sending status you can resend them to the fax service by doing the following steps:

  1. To resend the existing Sent Fax record to the external fax service you must uncheck the “Send with Outbound Message” checkbox field, then recheck it to TRUE again. The value must change from false to true to execute the workflow/flow that will send the outbound message to the fax service. Here are some ideas on how to do this in mass.
  2. Create a list view on Sent Fax tab with the criteria of Status = Sending called “Faxes to Resend”. Include the field “Send with Outbound Message”. Add any other criteria you think needed like a date range or add the Send Date field to confirm you are working with more recent faxes. Sort the list view by “Send With Outbound Message” so any records that have the checkbox unchecked (FALSE) are at the top.
  3. Scroll on the list view down if there are more than 50 records to load at least 200. Then check the box at the top right corner to check all the records in the list view. This will select 200 at one time. You can only update 200 records at a time on a list view.
  4. Double click on the field “Send With Outbound Message” for one record and uncheck checkbox and say to apply to all records selected. Then click Save button at the bottom to mass update those records.
  5. If you have more than 200 records to update then refresh the list view to get all the records where Send With Outbound Message is still TRUE at the top, so that you can select another 200 records to mass update to FALSE. Keep going until all records in the list view are unchecked.
  6. Now repeat the process but change Send with Outbound Message back to checked/TRUE for all the records.
  7. If desired you could add criteria to the list view to only show records with Status = Sending and Send with Outbound Message = true. As you uncheck the field the list will get smaller. Then once all records removed then change the criteria to Send with Outbound Message = False. This is just another option to working the list without using the sort feature.
  8. If you have a lot of records to update, another option is to export the sent fax records that meet the criteria using data loader with the SF id and then modify the csv with the value of the field you need to update and then to a data loader import/update matching on SF id. This will allow you to do all the records at once. Mainly when you have a lot of records to mass update.
  9. If updating the Send With Outbound Message is successful then the Status should get updated to Sent, then Delivered or Not Delivered. Something other than Sending. Then you know it worked.