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Track Shipment Status without Creating Labels

Use Case:

We want to use Opero Ship to create a Shipment record, associate it with a specific order, and track the shipment status without creating labels. We don’t actually create labels for most of our shipments since most of our product is housed elsewhere and shipped through that distributor. We are notified of the shipment method and tracking number via API once the product ships.

You can track existing shipments in Salesforce using Opero Ship and the status will automatically update from “Shipped” to “Delivered” once the package is delivered. Follow these steps:

  • Enable “Shipment Tracking” under shipment configuration.
  • Go to existing shipment record or create a new shipment record.
  • Complete the following required fields:
    • Shipping Method – Needs to be selected.
    • Initial Status  – Should be set to “Ready To Ship“.
    • Tracking Number – Needs to be populated with real carrier tracking number.
    • All other fields are optional.

The tracking information updates each hour. You can relate Shipments to any object, such as Orders. For steps to relate the Shipment object to other objects, see our Basic Configuration article.